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The Magic of Childhood Memories: Treehouse Adventures

Importance of building a treehouse retreat

Our president and her siblings in their first treehouse.
Circa 1995

We grew up on Disney, Swiss Family Robinson, the Hobbit, and Tarzan. Our favorite place to be as children was in our backyard, either climbing our treehouse, or exploring our woods. As we grew, we didn't leave behind our love of treehouses, instead translating them into something we could enjoy with our friends and family.


When we got the opportunity to build on the shore of Seneca Lake, we knew we wanted to create something unique. With over 600 feet of shoreline, 14 acres of wooded land, and built in trails; privacy and seclusion were our first priority. We knew that treehouses would be the perfect fit.

Connection with nature - Unique and fun experience - Privacy and seclusion - Aesthetic appeal.


When considering the features we wanted for the treehouses, we agreed on a few different areas. First, and perhaps most obvious, an elevated design. What's a treehouse without being in the trees? Being 10-15 feet above the ground allows for unique views of the lake and surrounding area. This is what makes a treehouse a treehouse!

We also agreed that it is essential to use natural materials. Using natural materials allowed us to get the organic look we were searching for. This ties in with another aspect we could not pass up - integration within the environment. Our treehouses utilize the space, trees, and natural elements around them in a special way. We wanted to really make you feel like you are part of nature. Finally, we wanted to offer customization options. Customization allows for each and every guest to experience a unique, personalized stay.


Considerations for building a treehouse retreat - Legal restrictions and permits - Safety measures - Maintenance and upkeep - Cost implications.

When building anything, legal restrictions and permits must come into play. Luckily, by partnering with the town and making relationships along the way, we were able to keep the integrity of our dream while following legal restrictions and permit requirements. We also had to keep safety measures in mind. Safety is part of the reason you will not see our treehouses more than 20 feet in the air. Our goal was to focus on inclusivity and safety together. Along with this, maintenance and upkeep are heavy on our minds. We plan to take every measure possible to keep our treehouses in the best shape as time passes. Being completely engulfed in nature and wildlife, it's inevitable that our space will need upkeep. We plan to keep a very close eye on this.

“The Magic of Childhood Memories: Treehouse Adventures” is a story about how a love for treehouses can be translated into something that can be enjoyed by the community, friends and family. Using childhood dreams, we built treehouses on the shore of Seneca Lake, allowing for unique views of the lake and surrounding area. We used natural materials to get the organic look we were searching for, and integrated the space, trees, and natural elements around us in a special way.

We have found that creating FLX Treehouse Retreats is a fun and rewarding experience. It provides a unique and peaceful environment for you and your guests to enjoy. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out some of the treehouse retreats available around the world. You can also find many resources online that can help you get started, such as treehouse building guides, and treehouse design ideas. Keep in mind that building a treehouse requires careful planning, attention to detail, and

adherence to safety/location guidelines. But with the right mindset and preparation, you can create a beautiful and functional treehouse retreat that you and your guests will love. Good luck! 🌳🏠

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