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FLX Treehouses Owner, Carner Development Group

Did you know that FLX Treehouses is owned by Carner Development Group?!

Carner Development Group official logo

Carner Development Group is owned and operated out of East Aurora, NY. CDG is run by a dedicated team with extensive development experience and a drive for quality. Elevating industry standards is what we strive for!

On March 8, 2024, Carner Development Group opened its door to the community as we hosted our Grand Opening event! We absolutely love our location in the heart of East Aurora. Our grand opening was a time to celebrate with our community and share our vision with the town. Take a look at some pictures!

Currently, Carner Development Group owns over 20 properties spanning across New York, Florida, and Arizona.

First, FLX Treehouses! Today, we are working on the interiors of two treehouses, Osprey Landing and Hawk Hideaway. Everything is coming along nicely - we are excited to decorate!

Next, we are working on The Old Bank located on Main Street in East Aurora, NY. We are looking forward to diving into this project. The Bank is a beautiful historic building that has rich history. We hope to put this space to use in a modern, community-based way.

The Conesus Condos are live, up and running! These beautiful condos are located right on the lakefront of Conesus Lake in New York. These rentals are perfect for a weekend getaway or a family trip to the lake. All four condos are available for rent year-round. Booking now!

Booking Link: Conesus Condos

Lastly, we want to show off The Hearthstone House. The Hearthstone House is located right in the heart of Ellicottville, NY, just steps away from local shops and restaurants. Hearthstone is half apartment, half house. As of today, the apartment is now available for long-term rental. We are working hard on getting the house ready for booking as well!

Booking Link: Hearthstone House

If you are interested in following along with Carner Development Group, you can find us on social media here:

We will be keeping our social medias and website up to date as we work on our projects and open up new rental opportunities!

For our complete direct booking directory, click here!

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