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From Treetops to Cove Cottages

Whimsy, Wonder, Adventure


What Makes Us Special?

We bring whimsy, wonder, and adventure to your vacation. Whether you are looking for a relaxing retreat, an adventure on the lake, in the woods, or just a fun place to hang out between exploring the wine trail and other local attractions of Seneca Lake, Conesus Lake and Keuka Lake, we provide that experience for you. 

Our first family Treehouse was in a big Maple tree in the backyard. It had one platform, blue slide, and a swing. To my 6-year-old self, it felt like 20 feet off the ground. During the summer it was a pirate ship, and a castle. In the winter, it was an excellent snow fort. My sister, brother and I would be released outside rain or shine and that was our home base. Fast forward 30 odd years, and we are capturing that wonder we felt as kids and bringing it to life for guests. 

Discover the hidden gems in each Treehouse, relax in the natural quite afforded you in the 14 acres of wooded lakefront, enjoy the treetop views unlike any other in the Finger Lakes. Experience whimsy, wonder, and adventure. Welcome to FLX Treehouse Retreats. 

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  • What Finger Lakes are you located on?
    We are currently lakefront on Seneca Lake with our Treehouses and Conesus Lake with our Cottage style houses.
  • When will your rentals be available?
    We plan to have our first three available for May of 2024, check out our Renting tab for current availability.
  • How high are your Treehouses?
    Depending on your choice of treehouse, 10-20 feet off the ground. Our favorite part about these creations is the views of the lake and the woods from the heights of the deck and the house.
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